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About our Program


 iLEAD schools promote the philosophy of learners as leaders, servers, problem-solvers, creators, collaborators and deep thinkers.  iLEAD Online courses encourage all of those qualities and provides the flexibility of online learning.





All iLEAD learners have access to our course catalog of innovative, project based online courses.  Choosing iLEAD Online courses will allow learners to access courses not available at their home school, offer flexibility of schedule for learners who would like a modified schedule, or allow learners to take extra courses in addition to their school schedule.






Technology has revolutionized flexibility and options in education. Flexibility of school schedules is essential to meet the needs of a digital rather than an agricultural economy.Our iLEAD courses are different than other online programs. We use dedicated iLEAD facilitators only who work with your guides, advisors, school sites to support learners with flexible learning plans to best meet the needs of each individual learner. All iLEAD Online courses are written, developed and managed by our own facilitators. iLEAD Online emphasizes instructor availability, communication and access to ensure success.


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