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Ava Cohen


I'm a student at iLEAD NoHo. I love photography, My Chemical Romance, and El Pollo Loco. This class has taught me so much and I'm excited to learn more.


Kasey Poston


 I'm 17 years old, and I
am a sheriff explorer and a fire explore in

Santa Clarita, I put a lot of my time to working events for those two programs. As a side hobby I like to play around with photography when I have the time


Sophia Raines


Hi I'm Sophia! I'm 15. I love photography because I love being able to capture the most beautiful moments in life through photos.


Zoe Eisenberg


My name is Zoe Eisenberg and I'm a senior at iLead NoHo. 

Willow Oberg


I'm 14 years old, and I attend Innovation Studios at the SCVi campus. I have always been intrigued by learning new forms of art, and love the feeling when you produce something new and nice. I like writing and listening to music and playing video games. 

Dylan Yim


I am Dylan Yim and I eat sometimes


Willa Rydall

Hi I'm Willa and I'm a senior at SCVi. I love photography, film and music. 

Niko Madouras


I'm 16 years old. I love photography, the modeling business, and everything to do with it. I've been taking photographs consistently for about 3 years now. I plan on continuing photography throughout my life.


Jasmine Gonzalez


My name is Jasmine Gonzalez. I am 15 years oId. I love to hear music and eat pizza. My favorite color is black and pink. I love my family. Specially my grandma.


Cleopatra Casillas


こんにちは!! I admire the beauty in the world which has inspired me to practice more in the fields of art to become an expert. In my eyes art is everything around us! I enjoy expressing my feelings through art. 

Ripley Filipowich


Hey it's Ripley! I'm a student at ilead North Hollywood who is interested in learning more about the different elements of photography. I am really into this class and it has helped me grow! :)

 Maya Djiji


I have a cat named muffin and she is really fat, I feature her in alot of my work. I also like the colors red, blue, yellow, and green, but I especially like yellow. I also like fruit smoothies and a lot of juice. 


Rio Rojas


Hi, I'm Rio and I draw stuff.  I'm open for commissions, just contact me at if interested.

Julia Barragan


My name is Julia, and I am a senior at SCVi. I enjoy nature, reading, and writing!

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